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Recent Improvements to Extended Medical

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Collective Agreement:

TTOC experience transfer forms A and B
Round 2 agreement for recall 2017-2018 Advice to TTOCs re C.4 experience transfer Parent-Teacher Conferences details
Leaves of Absence - quickchart ***new compassionate leave information (supplemental) 3-4-5 Plan (supplemental)


Member Supports:

Living with Balance - info and registration
Work-Health-Life (new employee assistance program) Call 1-844-880-9142 (24/7)


Occupational Health and Safety

Worksafe BC - Education Sector website Student Violence - the right to know vs. privacy
Form 6A (accidents or near misses)
Health & Safety Quickchart    


BCTF Documents:

Code of Ethics Professional Ethics, Rights, and Standards (Members' Guide) SURT Training
Handbook for New Teachers New Teacher Page Teacher and CEA Roles & Responsibilities
  BCTF Members' Guide  


Ministry Documents:

School Act Standards for the Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in BC


former VTA Constitution

revised Constitution (to comply with new Societies Act)

VTA Bylaws

VTA Policies

Bylaws Schedule B

new Teach BC site

VTA-CUPE Protocol