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May 21st PD Conference

May 21st PD Conference

Are you interested in the opportunity to facilitate or provide a workshop on our May 21st Conference? This is being planned as a virtual conference, considering the uncertainty of the Covid restrictions through the spring. 

The District PD committee wants to focus on reflecting and celebrating the work that we have been doing, honouring the joy that we have been able to find this year, and giving space to connect with each other.   We want to look at the learning that we have been doing this year, and have opportunities to share and honour that together.  

So… with that said, you may have an idea where you would like to hold a space for colleagues to connect and share on that topic. Or, you may be connected with a group of teachers that you have been collaborating with, and you want to share and celebrate that work.  Or, you may have been doing some individual learning and growing of your own, and you want to connect with others about that journey. 

If any of those circumstances apply to you, and appeal to you, please use the VTA Workshop Proposal form found here. Send the form to Lisa LaBoucane at [email protected] by April 23rd.